Tips to Actually Get Girls to Talk with you on

Meeting girls online seems like the most difficult task in the world for some guys. In fact, most guys never even get the chance to speak with Chatroulette girls before they are 'nexted'. Although the rules that apply for getting girls to like you on the internet are fairly similar to those in real life, most men forget about them when placed behind a computer screen. Here are a few basic tips on how to get girls to stick around for a chat.

If you want to have a girl stay on cam with you for longer than a split second, you will have to be dressed. When girls go on websites like Chatroulette with only girls, it's because they want to have a sense of being attractive. They want to know that men see them as being sexy without necessarily being sexual objects. Chatroulette with girls will probably make you want to touch yourself, but this will scare off all of the women online. By refraining from getting naked in front of your cam, girls will see that you're not like the other guys and they will be more likely to stick around. Try it out, you'll see just how much easier it gets to find a girl online when you have clothes on.

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The type of person who is the most often 'nexted' on is the lonely guys in dark areas. Dark webcams tend to cause girls to think of you as a creep. Since they can't really see your face and what you're doing, they will most likely go on to the next cam immediately. Instead, place yourself in a well lit area and try to do something out of the usual. For example; if you have a peter pan costume laying around your house, put it on. Although you may feel more like a creep than sitting in a dark area, at least you'll have a great conversation starter. Girls have also been statistically proven to stick around when guys are doing odd things.

Flirting is important, but you don't want to go overboard. Keep the flirting to a limit and act like you're on a first date. Obviously you won't be as nervous as you would be on a real date, but try to stop yourself from making stupid comments and from asking extremely personal information. Instead, ask the girl what her favorite hobbies are; whether she likes to read or not; what her childhood was like and other interesting questions that will get a conversation going.

Smile, be friendly; don't be pushy. Girls love it when guys smile while they are talking to you. Make sure you smile when she answers your questions and don't be pushy by asking her to take her top off as soon as you think it's going well. Wait it out and it will probably be worth it in the end. If you run out of things to say, try to think of something quickly enough because otherwise, she will most likely switch to someone else. If a girl wanted to talk with some boring guy, she could simply go to the nearest bar. You need to be interesting enough to have her coming back to talk with you every single day.

Making a list of interesting conversation starters and ways to spark up a conversation once it gets silent is a good idea. This way you won't have to risk losing a girl that you're talking with simply because you have nothing to talk about. When all else fails, show girls your pets. Sure, it may seem ridiculous, but women loves pets. Obviously, you shouldn't show her your hamster, but if you have a dog or a cat, try to have them walk in front of the cam without being too obvious. It may just bring you luck.